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Chocolate soufflé

のっさん の らくがき おきば です 。 
glee の Klaine に 夢中 !
I'm Nossan and Japanese gleek !
I love Klaine. My English is not so good.
[Original artwork page] http://neko-no-hana.cocotte.jp/

May you rest in peace, Cory Monteith. (1982 - 2013)

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I’m Sorry, my English is always poor…><;


Hi Nossan! :)
I hope this isn't a silly question. Is there any way that people outside of Japan can buy your comics? I'm in the UK and I would love to own something drawn by you. I love your work! x asked by sparklepirate

Hi! Thank you for your message <3

I’m sorry ! I’m late…><;

I am glad and reply to a question. 

My comics are sold at Amazon. 


However, language is only Japanese…sorry…!!

Instead, I have web comics. 

Although it is a part of comics, please get it. ^;^



I am glad if you enjoy yourself<3<3

Thank you !!

I noticed you haven't posted anything for a couple weeks. I hope everything is okay. I miss you Nossan :) asked by ladymcrae

I’m sorry ! I’m late…><;
In fact, my work was very busy. 
You made me fine. I’m so happy^o^/ 
Thank you!!!!

Hey there sempai!
I hope you had a great time in London ^^

Awww that Harry Potter drawing is flawless! asked by missporcelaine

I’m sorry!! I’m late. ><;;
I love Harry Potter ♪ Thank you for your message!
I would like to become a witch… ☆ミ

Season 3!!! \&gt;o&lt;/

Season 3!!! \>o</

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